Garments & Apparel 

We, Sketchers Design Promoters Ltd have a wide range of corporate office wear styles which are customized to meet all client’s requirements from formal office wear i.e. gents and lady’s suits, scarves, ties among other accessories. Looking smart is a great ingredient to a motivated and successful workforce.


Food & Beverage / Kitchen

Our key pillars are style and functionality blended for a busy food and beverage smart team for quality service deliver. Big events demand for a gorgeous looking team in their very best Mandarin collars, wing collars with fitted ethnic patterns matched with aprons where formality is key. We dress to suit the occasion with an eye on style and fashion. The kitchen uniforms and specially designed for high performance light weight and breathable fabrics providing ultimate durability and practicality from classic white or black plan and stripes, mixed and matched for a corporate wardrobe team


For a gorgeous look, our ingredients are designed to work perfectly with our wide range of fabrics in providing a One Stop Shop to suit all your needs in terms of style and fashion. We offer a full range of accessories from: – Customized Ties to scarves branded with company logo, Head gear- Caps / Hats, Protective gear- Hard hats, gloves, overalls, dust coats, ear muffs among many Foot wear- safety shoes / boots and with steel toe, kitchen clogs among others. For more information, we welcome you to visit our plant for a wide range of clothing in style and fashion.